Terms & Conditions for submitting entries for the CHS Awards - CHS Awards

Terms & Conditions for submitting entries for the CHS Awards

1. Only submissions via the correct portal (CHS Awards Website) will be considered for judging.
2. All entries will be judged on the information and supporting evidence given, no other factors will be taken in to consideration.
3. Please ensure you are submitting your venue for the correct category before submitting.
4. The judges’ decisions are final. No negotiations will be entered into
5. Coercion of the judges is not permitted and will result in the venue being removed for consideration.
6. Tickets to the Awards Ceremony may only be purchased through the official CHS Awards website and must be paid in full prior to the event.
7. All shortlisted companies must have at least one representative at the awards ceremony to potentially collect their award. Therefore upon shortlisting, all shortlisted entrants will be liable for one seat at the Awards Dinner. All entrants reaching the provisional shortlist will be contacted upon announcement of the provisional shortlist to discuss their attendance and promotional options. Entrants unable to commit to attendance at the Awards ceremony will not be included in the final shortlist.
8. Tickets can be transferred. It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure the organisers are aware of any name changes prior to the event
9. Tickets are £135 +VAT individually or £1300+VAT for a table of 10.  The price is not negotiable.
10. No refunds will be given for non-attendance at the Awards Ceremony
11. CHS Group reserve the right, as the organisers, to refuse entries if they are incomplete and do not meet the guidelines for submission, or are submitted to the wrong category.
12. CHS Group reserves the right to publish or display any of the images submitted as part of the awards process either in print, online or as part of the ceremony.
These Terms & Conditions are correct at December 2019